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digital advertising

Digital Advertising

I help business owners reach their business goals via paid promo on the internet space. My areas of concentration include: Facebook, Instagram, Email Campaigns, Google and Youtube. Reach out to me to for solution on digital advertising campaign types, creative and channel needed to achieve your intended business goal.

Web designing services

Website Designing Services

The truth is that having websites isn’t sufficient. It must be as well-designed and user-friendly as you can make it. It’s competing to hundreds of different sites because there are about 1.7 billion websites online and this number is increasing every day. Inexperienced, unorganized or ineffective efforts may cause more harm than good. Reach out to me for a website that suits your wants and needs.

Google My Business optimisation

Google My Business Services

This is a custom-made service to help your business get found in search results and local listings. Boost your online presence in organic and search drive more customers to your business. This will be especially useful for anyone starting a local company, or someone who has an existing local business and wants to generate more leads and inquiries.

Nafisat Azeez, Pro

Digital marketer

My name is Nafisat Azeez, I am an online marketer. I’ve helped lots of Nigerian Business owners like yourself make their businesses discoverable online/get started with online marketing because it’s what I do for a living.


I believe you are finding a way to market your business online or you are simply looking for a way to increase your brand strength and visibility online, and that’s why you are on my page. And that’s exactly what I’m passionate about.


You see, most people want to get a share of the money online through their businesses, but only very few take the required action to achieve this.

And those are the few people I classify as being smart…. and you are one of them.


So here’s my promise to you:

I’m going to go all out to make your decision to seek my internet marketing service worthwhile for you. I will use all the necessary tools and expertise that top brands use to generate more sales, more visibility, and more recognition online.

That way, you will sit and watch your business grows, and your income multiplies.

To get started, you can either book a clarity call or book an appointment with me at my/your office. We will break down everything that concerns your brand and how you can make massive success with it using internet marketing tools plus my internet marketing services. During or after the talk, I would send you some recommendations.

And if you continue to act smart by  taking action from the recommendations I would be sending you; then you will be sure of making an above-comfortable income ( or whatever your business goal is ) from your business online.


I also have a list where I share information and updates about digital marketing tools and materials.

I won’t send any email to you, except it’s extremely necessary and important for your growth in this business.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Digital Marketing (Diploma)
  • Google Ads Search Certification

education background

  • Online Marketing Training Course 
  • GIIT(Certificate of Completion) (2017)
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  • Diploma Certificate

Professional Experience

Head Digital Marketing Department

Essential Global Educational Services

  • Freelance Web Designer
  • Freelance Local Seo Expertise